Akash Desai likes to know where he stands. He is convinced he controls his environment rather well, but his office plant is a testament to the contrary. To its credit, it limps along without Akash’s knowledge. At 30, Akash also believes he’s at the top of his game; after all, he did score an alarming 128,000 in dxBall - a freely downloadable game he recommends for procrastination.

When Akash isn’t busy evaluating his performance, he spends time working with healthcare companies to identify and solve business problems using customized software. It might be wrongly assumed that he has a tremendous pool of knowledge he draws from. Rather, he finds that constantly being cognizant of his limited perspective and having to peer around the corner gives his life a certain thrill.

Akash’s business interests include the following companies: IVR Technology Group - a hosted IVR solution provider with offices in Buffalo, NY, Atlanta, GA, and Tampa, FL; Lance Technologies LLC - a healthcare software development firm; MDCall Inc - a physician emergency contact management firm; Sundance Ventures - a real estate investment firm; and Rune Capital Inc - a personal business investment vehicle.

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